PressPad’s Pandemic Journey

PressPad’s pandemic journey

Like many organisations, PressPad had to pivot during the pandemic – it was a bold move but it certainly paid off. We reached thousands of people through our Remote season and offered knowledge and connections with young people, often entering the industry. This is the story of our year in the pandemic.

After our hosting model was put on hold, we had to find new yet still meaningful ways to connect with our audience. The idea of a remote season was formed very quickly and the team worked hard to put it into motion. The journey from the drawing board to reality is something that taught me so much. I learnt how to manage my time effectively around our sessions and how to work under pressure.

We launched PressPad Remote in April last year, only weeks after lockdown. The following months were a learning experience for the team. Finding out what the audience responded to or what we enjoyed creating was quite a process! Once we found our rhythm with that happy new medium, we became unstoppable.

We reached over 7,500 people minimum in our first season with classes on mentoring, producing TV and CV writing amongst others. We hosted fabulous Instagram Lives with very special guests including Tahmina BegumJem Collins or Shingi Mararike (to name too few!). All free.

We know that it’s harder for people with no media connections to get into the industry. That’s why we were truly thrilled when 98% of people who attended Season 1 said that their parents hadn’t worked in the media industry.

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Nepotism is rife in the media industry – thus supporting those who don’t have the contact book is key to our mission to diversify the industry.

My personal favourite part of last year’s season was behind the scenes though. The whole team knew the importance of our work for our audience, and it inspired us to work harder. Every day, we were determined to go above and beyond for young journalists. This, to me, is our pandemic journey. Seeing the feedback from the participants was the cherry on the cake.

For instance: “Such a great event by PressPad. Always so interesting to hear about everyone’s different routes and it just goes to show there is no right answer/way into journalism.”

Since then, we have analysed, researched, improved and developed a brand new season. In a few weeks, our second season is getting bigger and better. Thanks to our successful crowdfunder.

Our CV Clinics are already back – don’t forget to book your slot if you haven’t already!

And from June onwards, you will be able to attend:

  • a new commissioning workshop hosted by your favourite commissioning editors
  • Monthly panels to start conversations
  • Instagram Live Q&As
  • Speed mentoring sessions
  • Masterclasses – always more tailored to your needs
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Be sure to keep an eye out for all of the great content coming to a screen near you. We hope you benefit from Season 2 as much as our Season 1 content. Thank you for supporting our work and sharing it across your social channels. It means more than you know.